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The mission of the Farm and Food Growth Fund (FFGF) is to create employment and safe affordable housing, capital access opportunities for low and moderate income individuals, families and communities with a focus on farm and food-related industries located in the Northeast Foodshed encompassing parts of the greater Hudson Valley, western Connecticut, western Massachusetts, southern Vermont and eastern Pennsylvania by stimulating economic vitality through technical assistance services, community development and increasing the flow of capital.  Programs will target both rural and urban underserved populations in need by aligning capital, knowledge, and workforce skills to advance opportunities for business ownership, job creation, safe and affordable workforce housing, and community revitalization.

The FFGF has a special interest in supporting the development and growth of jobs on farms, in other aspects of agriculture production and value-added activities, and in food manufacturing and food retail businesses in the Northeast Foodshed area.  The FFGF, additionally, will support small businesses that invest and create jobs in their communities for the benefit of low and moderate income persons including, but not limited to, small scale retail, personal and professional service businesses and small-scale manufacturing in a variety of industries, many of which are farm and food-related.

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