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Northeast Organic Dairy Feasibility Study

FFGF provided Business Technical Assistance (BTA) for the Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance when the organization was seeking to assess the feasibility of supporting local organic dairy farmers with a new consumer brand, tolling and co-packing opportunities, and possibly a new processing facility. 


To do so, FFGF enlisted the services of Agricultural and Community Development Services (ACDS) as a BTA consultant to develop and implement the study. The initial phase focused on assessing the market in the northeast from both a consumer and producer perspective. Through this phase, it was discovered that there is a strong demand from consumers for high-quality, regional, organic milk. Regional and national retail chains also indicated their desire for an opportunity to market that milk under their own private labels. Once the market size was assessed, ACDS worked with regional dairy farms to ensure the availability of sufficient milk supply to fulfill the demand. The team worked through the local farms to find a processor who would help with processing, packaging, labeling, and distribution. This project is ongoing.


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